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Render in Place issue?



So Render in Place is looking to be an AMAZING addition. I've run into a snag though and wanted to see if this was by design or if it's a bug needing squashing-I have a VEPro instance in an instrument track connected to a slave computer.
-There are 8 stereo outputs for that instrument (vlns, vlns short, violas, short violas, celli, short cell, CB, short CB) -The 8 stereo VI outputs have their outputs bussing to either a "Strings Long" or "Strings Short "Group Channel.The problem is: When I Render in place, all the audio tracks created do not copy the corresponding bus output, but instead have their output set to the main" Stereo Out ".HOWEVER if I set all the 8 stereo VI outputs to buss to the SAME Group channel (ie: "Strings Long") then the audio tracks all have their output set to Strings Long as well.I'm just wondering if this is a bug or not. Hopefully I explained the issue well enough. 

Please help 

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